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Below you find an explanation regarding the use of cookies on our website, the way we handle your personal details, and how we protect your personal data.


Personal data

By using our website, you leave certain data behind. This could be personal data. Personal data can be provided actively as well as passively. Actively provided data involves information you fill in on the website or, for example, send to us in an email. In addition, data may be automatically saved on the website (such as your IP-address), sometimes even without you being aware of this. In that case it involves passively provided data. Bed & Breakfast Orchidea del Garda (BBOdG) appreciates your trust and will do its upmost to protect your personal information. BBOdG respects your privacy and makes sure that the personal information you provided to us is always treated and protected with the utmost carefulness. BBOdG in any cases, also with respect to its service activities outside of Europe, obeys the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. In accordance with the Personal Date Protection Act, the processing of personal data is registered at the Italian Data Protection Authority. Responsible for the data processing is Bed & Breakfast Orchidea del Garda, Strada Fonda 6, 37019 Peschiera del Garda, Verona (Italy).

Processing of personal data

In the frame of its service, when you request information or are in contact with BBOdG in any other way, BBOdG saves your personal information. BBOdG uses this information to send you the information you requested and to provide service to you. When you have filled in a reservation request form on the website, your information is supplied to the B&B concerned. Further, your information is used once, to send you a review from via email. In addition, BBOdG uses your personal information to improve its service and to keep you informed of (new) products and services of BBOdG. When you send in a review, BBOdG will place this on its website with the B&B concerned. Your name and place of residence will be shown with the review; unless you pointed out that you don’t want this. This information can be found and used by third parties, including search engines, without BBOdG being able to influence this. BBOdG uses your information to notify you of website improvements, special offers and deals. In doing this BBOdG always tries to hold your preferences into account. Should you not want to receive offers or information, you can withdraw your permission for the use of your email address or have your information blocked by sending a postcard to Bed & Breakfast Orchidea del Garda, Strada Fonda 6, 37019 Peschiera del Garda, Verona (Italy) or by sending an email to


If you fill in a contact form on the website or send us an email, the information you send us will be saved for as long as required for the complete answering and treatment of the nature of the form or the content of your email. We offer a newsletter in which we want to inform those interested about our products, services and related matters. Your email address is only added to the list of subscribers after your explicit permission.

Click behaviour

On the website of BBOdG, by means of an Alexa tool, general and not personally identifiable information is kept, such as the most frequently visited pages. The purpose of this is to optimize the layout of the website. This information can also be used to place better aimed information on the website. This way, BBOdG can further optimize its service to you.

Protection of personal data

We use strict safety procedures, among other things to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to personal data. In particular we use secured connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) by which all information between you and our website is shielded when you make a reservation.

BBOdG and other websites

On our website you find a number of links to other websites. Although these websites have been carefully selected, BBOdG does not accept responsibility for how these organisations treat your personal data. Please read the privacy statement – if present- on the website you are visiting.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that is placed on the computer of a user of our website.

Working action of cookies

There are different types of cookies, which are used for different purposes. Cookies can be distinguished in function, lifespan and by the company that placed them.

BBOdG and the use of cookies

BBOdG offers a very extensive and user-friendly website that is automatically adjusted to the wishes and the preferences of its users. In order to do this, BBOdG uses 3 types of cookies:

  1. Technical cookies: BBOdG uses technical cookies for showing the website and to let it function correctly, for creating your account, to enable you to log in and to maintain your reservations. These technical cookies are only necessary to let our website function well.
  2. Functional cookies: Functional cookies are also used. These cookies remember your preferences and help you use the website as effectively and efficiently as possible. For example by remember the language of your preference, as well as your search results and the bed & breakfasts you have viewed. These functional cookies are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the website, but make things a lot easier for you as a user and enable you to get the best out of our website.
  3. Analytical cookies are used to gain an insight into the use of our website. That way, BBOdG will find out what does and what does not work, how BBOdG can improve and optimize its website and eventually, always remain interesting and relevant for its users. For this, among other things the following information is collected: visited web pages, the page that referred visitors to the BBOdG website, the last page that was viewed during a visit to the website, type of platform, date, time an details as well as the number of (mouse) clicks on the web pages, the mouse movements, scrolling and the (search) terms you use and the text you type when using our website. This information is made anonymous before it is used, because it is only meant for statistical purposes.

How long do cookies remain active?

BBOdG uses different types of cookies, each with their own lifespan. The maximum lifespan we have set for a number of the cookies is 5 years. All cookies can be removed from the browser at any given moment. You can find the BBOdG cookies in your browser settings.

Access to BBOdG cookie data

Only BBOdG has access to the BBOdG cookie data. However, it is possible that BBOdG occasionally uses the services of third parties for marketing analysis and quality improvement. These external service providers can have access to the cookies that were placed by third parties. BBOdG only makes a statistical analysis of the behaviour of the users for its own website. BBOdG does not follow what you do online. It is possible that you see ads of BBOdG on other websites (so-called retargeting), based on the visitor history on our own website. This information is anonymous. BBOdG does not follow you on any other websites than its own.

Managing cookie-preferences

By means of your browser settings (in for example Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome) you can point out which cookies you accept and which cookies you don’t accept. It depends on the type of browser where you can find these settings. By means of the ‘Help’ function of your browser you can easily find this out.

Note: if you point out not to accept certain cookies, it is possible that you can no longer use certain functions of the website. It is also good to know that an opt-out in an advertising network does not mean that you will never be shown advertisements again or that you will never be part of a marketing analysis again. Opting-out simply means that you will no longer receive customized advertisements from the network you have blocked.


Should you have any questions or remarks about the privacy policy of BBOdG, please write to: Bed & Breakfast Orchidea del Garda, Strada Fonda 6, 37019 Peschiera del Garda, Verona (Italy) or send an email to

Changes in this statement

We have the right to change the way we use cookies and collect, send, and process personal information and other information at any given time, whenever we find this necessary. This privacy statement therefore occasionally may be adjusted to the latest changes.

Last changed: 22-02-2018

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